Discópolis 7771 - Patricia Kraus - 29/09/11

Presentado por: José Miguel López Dirigido por: José Miguel López



I really enjoy listening to Patricia Kraus, she is unorthodoxand tolerant with her music.  She has a very solid foundation which has given her plenty of resources to achieve any of her professional goals, something very similar such as liberty.  Her recently works “Recollection” leaves the forefront of WaxBeat and she is taken a new path towards the gospel music.  Her vocal technique is prodigious and it demonstrated in all her songs, example her version of “I’d rather go blind” by Etta James.  Her extraordinary singing is sort of a Spanish Aretha Franklin.



Patricia Kraus

Retrocollection, por Miguel Ángel Pérez Martín



This new album, edited by Patricia herself and resources, draws from the repertoire of Black American roots music, with songs composed by masters like Quincy Jones, Anthony Nweley, Mike Stoller, Etta James, Michael Jackson, Sting and a very popular musical by Henry Mancini.


She also moves toward her European roots with ballads and chansons, a French song “Je crois”, “Caro mio ben” from Italy.  But Patricia goes further, provides topics ranging repertoire ... that go well with his voice and body composition are sufficient to express the musical dreams of other performers, as are her own compositions.


An electrifying CD, which can definitely position her as the great voice in Soul, Blues and Jazz in Spain and in the Spanish language, where we need more talents like her.  This album can also be of great interest to the Spanish, Hispanic and North American public, a crossover which Patricia would not have a problem achieving.


To speak about her voice, well is one of the must positive topics in popular music, her vocal techniques, flexibility, inspiration, strength, colorfulness, well I can go on and on about it, let me stop…my friends and family will start thinking something, but the reality is that I have a great musical admiration for Patricia’s talent. 


I can give another turn to this album ... !Pity it’s not a vinyl!



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